PAC Global Leadership Awards 2020 Nomination

New York City, we’re coming…

PAC Global Leadership Awards are taking place in NYC February 18th and 19th.

We’re pleased to be nominated for PACKAGE INNOVATION: TECHNICAL DESIGN.

We hope to see you there!


Brand Name: MUTANT
Brand Owner: Fit Foods
Entering Company: Arranti
Brand Agency/Graphic Designer: Fit Foods 114
Pre-Press/Structural Designer: Arranti
Package Converter/Printer/Raw Materials: Sungwoo Film

Need Labels? We’ve Got You Covered!

Check out our “Mock” in-house brand Arri Sports that we use to show off our capabilities and different techniques. We create a unique look by taking advantage of holographic and laying on a complex white plate to let the shine pop through, while still hiding in other areas. We add a matte laminate with spot gloss varnishes on top creating a contrast which allows the graphics to stand out even more. With our last trick, we have embossed the Arri Sports logo and Pure Whey Protein text to give the words a lift which effortlessly creates an almost 3D effect. With the light bouncing off the holographic rounded embossed edges, it really makes the label come together and glow!

Contact Arranti today to request a sample label to be sent to you. See in person the quality and effects on our sample label. We can discus how to enhance your artwork and show you with our prototype equipment before it even hits the press.

With our decades of experience & knowledge, let us help you create a standout label!

AlliedFlex Debuts FLX Alpha XL for Chamber Pouch @ Pack Expo 2019

Industry’s first stand-up pouch machine designed for Chamber Pouch

LAS VEGAS, SEPT 23, 2019: AlliedFlex Technologies Inc, an industry leader in stand-up pouch equipment and services, today unveils a new machine specifically designed for Chamber Pouch. The Allied Flex FLX Alpha XL for Chamber Pouch, is a small footprint machine designed for product development, R&D, short runs and other low-volume environments. It is the industry’s first horizontal fill/seal machine specifically engineered around the unique properties of the patented Chamber Pouch format.

“I see Chamber Pouch as a potential game-changer for club-store environments. The package offers new opportunities for brands to showcase new and existing products.” said Dennis Calamusa, President and CEO of AlliedFlex, “The FLX Alpha XL for Chamber Pouch platform enables brands and contract packagers of all sizes to bring Chamber Pouch based products to market quickly, then later scaling as volume needs increase.”

The stand-up pouch has transformed the grocery industry, replacing boxes, canisters, and other outdated formats. However, combining two or more products was not viable before Chamber Pouch. Chamber Pouch offers brands a single, high-visibility / high-value package. Once home, the consumer, with the flick of a wrist, easily separates it into two, individual stand-up pouches, each with its own closure and structure. Dry foods, liquid, powders or frozen; whatever can go in a pouch, can be put in a chamber pouch.

Dennis Calamus and the AlliedFlex team have helped bring hundreds of pouch-based products to market. No one in our industry knows more about stand-up pouches than Dennis. His commitment to the Chamber Pouch is an invaluable endorsement of its market potential.”said Jeff Herrington, CEO of Chamber Pouch, Inc. “This platform enables brands to quickly test and scale Chamber Pouch based products.”
AlliedFlex will be demonstrating the new FLX Alpha XL for Chamber Pouch @ booth LS-5919 Pack Expo 2019 in Las Vegas and will be taking orders for the machine at the show.

About AlliedFlex
AlliedFlex Technologies Inc, based in Sarasota, FL is a leading turnkey provider of stand-up pouch based solutions. More information on AlliedFlex can be found on their website,

About Chamber Pouch, Inc.
Chamber Pouch Inc. is a Canadian corporation. Founded by Jeff Herrington and his partners, the company is focused on packaging innovation and concept development. More information on Chamber Pouch, including sampling, production partners, and more, can be found at

Media Contacts:
Carl Melville
760-671-1110 / 630-426-9756

Pouches You Can Depend On!

With over 30 years of experience, Arranti is the leader in sports nutrition packaging. We work hard and are very proficient at creating die lines for our pouches. Our very popular and dependable pouches are second to none in the industry. Our special features include Velcro and Powder-less Zippers with the option of gloss and spot & matte varnishes available to fit your needs. We are best known for our consistent deliveries and high rate of success with the quality and strength of our block bottom pouches.

All of our pouches include a Certificate of Analysis. We execute fill tests on our pouches to ensure the highest standards are met within 48 hours. We supply samples to ensure that you are fully happy with your product and proper retains as confirmation of pouch size desired by the customer and what the contract manufacture can work with. Our manufacturing activities take place in various GMP locations. We coordinate all that is required and communicate efficiently with our CM’s and end users to manage their expectations. Arranti’s quality is truly the best in the industry and many of our clients can attest to the quality of our work, high attention to detail and care for our client and their product.

Arranti works closely with a variety of certified contract manufacturers particularly in the sports and fitness nutrition industry. We typically handle design enhancements in their brand look, packaging options/improvements, and work in sync with their contract manufacturer for the best results possible. We exercise total confidentiality in our business relationships and are protective of our clients’ secrecy issues.

Our areas of expertise are Product Naming, Brand Launches, Logo Creation, Taglines, Branding Revamps, Label Artwork and Packaging Design. We can handle a product from start to finish!